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Blog: René Opens Up About Kenyatta and Phil

A mother always dreams of the ideal man for her daughter. My ideal man is (mostly based on personal experiences):


  1. A man who loves and respects his mother. This kind of man knows how to treat his woman.
  2. A man that is not selfish and needy, thinks he’s all that and a bowl of chips, and that you should kiss his feet just because.
  3. A college grad with a good job, or if not a college grad a man with a good job.
  4. A man that can be comfortable with a woman who possibly makes more money than he does.
  5. A man that can cook and clean as well as you can and doesn’t think his woman has to be the maid in the relationship just because she’s a woman.
  6. A single man with no children.
  7. A man who dares to dream and dream big, who has short and long-term goals, and who is as ambitious as you are.
  8. A man who loves to party, have fun, travel, live life to the fullest. NO DRUGS AND AN OCCASSIONAL DRINKER.
  9. A man who can embrace a plus-size woman.
  10. A man who is honest, can tell the truth, who knows that lies destroy relationships; a man that starts out as a good friend before he becomes a lover, and who knows he’s got to be trustworthy.
  11. We all know beauty is only skin deep, but I’ve imagined a man that is at least 5’8 or taller. A woman always wants a man to look up to. He doesn’t have to be as fine as an expensive bottle of wine, but close to it – a romantic, a good kisser, and a good lover.
  12. There are few men that measure up to President Obama that I’ve come across, but a man with swagger and who can walk the walk and talk the talk. A man with a beautiful spirit and smile.
  13. A man needs to compliment his woman. He needs to be able to stand on his own two feet, and not be a user. He needs to be able to love his woman like he wants to be loved.

As for Phillip, I know there are no “perfect” men. I know men make mistakes. Women do too. I think he’s learned that what you do in the dark comes to the light. I think he’s learned not to lie, tell the truth, and man-up. He may have one or two of the traits that I want Kenyatta’s man to have, but he’s young, maybe he’ll grown into some others. Right now he seems to be her choice. I’m not thrilled but I’ll just have to watch and see what happens.