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Cierra on Senior Year, High School Confidential

My senior year was perfect. Everything worked out in my favor in the end. I may have started the year off attending Von Steuben and feeling a little stressed out, but transferring out to ECA after it all really put me right back on track. I was finally able to graduate and that is what I was aiming for.

I haven’t really learned anything about myself in high school; I would just have to say that I just reassured things about myself that I already knew. Like the fact that I AM a strong, dedicated, and stubborn woman and how I refuse to let myself come to low point and remain there. I will ALWAYS bring myself back up and strive for better.

My favorite moment in high school would have to be my first week starting at Von. I remember starting off in the Scholars program and being so happy that I was finally in high school and that I was starting off on the upper end. I was one of the smart kids, lol.

The only advice I would give to teens about to enter high school would have to be: DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Try to finish any assignments you have the day they are given to you and if not then, then get them done as soon as possible. This is the advice that I wish someone had given to me at the start of my high school years. When a teacher assigns something on Monday that is due Friday, NEVER wait until Thursday to do it, lol.