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David on Episode 510: Bollywood Wedding

Amber and Patrick

Crazy concept: Bollywood meets barbeque: Groom is from Texas and bride is from Los Angeles. She has this vision that she is from a past life of royalty and is obsessed with Indian culture; I didn’t quite understand that because to me you’re either Indian…or you’re not–and she’s not. BUT, she really wanted to wear a sari, she really wanted to have the styles and colors of India, including an elephant for her to arrive on, even though in the Indian culture it is the groom that arrives on an elephant. It’s called a Baraat, and that’s the arrival of the groom by the village to meet the bride for the ceremony.

So I had to weigh in and decide what was appropriate for this wedding. Do I go Texan, country? Indian culture? Do I combine them both? It really wasn’t clear to me what to do so I ended up mostly picking the Indian side, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t insulting or offending the Indian culture because the bride isn’t Indian. First of all, an Indian bride doesn’t arrive on an elephant so I cut that out. Bindi is a piece of jewelry that is worn on the forehead of an Indian bride and she wanted to do that too but I refused to allow this because she’s not Indian. However, I did give her the opportunity to wear a sari AFTER walking down the aisle in one of my gorgeous David Tutera for Mon Cheri bridal gowns. All of her bridesmaids did get to wear colorful saris as they walked down the aisle. What was interesting was that I realized that the bride and groom both deserved to have their ideas represented and I made it work. I had an outdoor, country setting for ceremony and it seemed like we were in the middle of Texas while having an Indian style wedding. I also had an Indian celebration in the middle of the country setting and then a country-western dessert dance party. It was all over the place but it all made sense.

For the record, I received the nicest gift I’ve ever received from a bride from Amber. She got me a star certified with my name which to me was one of the most touching things I’ve ever gotten from anybody, so this was a great experience for me. It was all around very complicated, right down to the past life readings we got from an oracle I brought in. Supposedly, my bride Amber was from royalty–she was an elephant during royal times in India in a past life. So, I guess she did deserve an Indian wedding.