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David on Episode 512: Las Vegas Wedding

This is a couple that is seriously meant to be together as husband and wife. Many people ask me if the stories, conflicts and drama in this season of My Fair Wedding are true or if we created the drama to make better television. I can confidently say that the drama between the mother and her daughter that arose from the issues Darlene had with not being able to have her uncle walk her down the aisle, to the mother not agreeing with the decisions that were being made for the wedding, to threatening not to go to her daughter’s wedding, to then threatening to leave the wedding because Uncle Steve walked Darlene down the aisle was all true. In fact, to be quite honest, much of what you see in this episode needed to be softened because the drama was so intense. But to me, the drama needed to materialize and then be chucked off to the side so that my bride could truly have a wonderful wedding.

My bride Darlene deserved every single thing she received and more. I wanted to make sure she looked and felt gorgeous as she had challenges finding a wedding dress that she felt comfortable in with her body type, to taking a concept that was really outside the box (a Las Vegas themed wedding) and not throwing it away but embracing it and executing it, which we did and really allowed her to become the center of attention. Every time I was with her family, Robin, the mother of the bride, truly seemed to draw the attention away from her daughter. I wasn’t quite sure why until I was with Robin’s mom (Darlene’s grandmother) who made it clear that Robin was probably jealous that her daughter was having this big wedding and receiving this gorgeous experience. I felt very responsible as a wedding planner and Darlene’s friend to give her everything she deserved and to put the drama to the side (because it was never going away completely) so that I could at least create a moment of peace on that one day, her wedding day, and that’s exactly what Darlene got on her special day.