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Erica, Tina…and Warryn? Who Had the Best Week Ever??

On this week’s episode of Mary Mary, stress levels were at an all-time high as the sisters traveled to and from Manchester in the wake of a terrorist attack and then over to Israel with their entire family in tow. With all of their traveling and performing, a little drama was to be expected. But, that doesn’t mean that someone didn’t come out on top! WE want to know who you think had the best week.


Erica missed their 16th wedding anniversary to perform in Nairobi and Manchester with Tina. While she was gone, Warryn held down the fort at home with their three children, and he also found the time to plan a super romantic, overnight getaway for him and Erica once she got back. Way to keep the romance alive, Warryn!


Erica is no stranger to fried vocal chords, and she knows that bleeding vocal chords could end her singing career forever. But, she felt that the Lord was calling on her to inspire the people of Manchester and there was no way she was going to let them down. In spite of her dry and sore throat, Erica got up and that stage and killed it! WE were so proud!


After years of struggles and heartache, Tina is doing Tina and WE couldn’t be happier for her! From Nairobi to Israel, Tina is taking a no-strings-attached approach and making the most out of every opportunity being placed in front of her. Even though WE are dying for a new Mary Mary album, WE totally support Tina living her best life!

Tune in for the emotional series finale of Mary Mary, Thursday at 9/8c!