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Tamar Releases Her Heartfelt Final Album, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

WE have great news, Tamartians – the wait for Tamar’s newest album is finally over! This week, Tamar released “Bluebird of Happiness” which she touts not only as her best work to date, but also as her final album, and WE are here for it! Here’s everything you need to know.

The album’s debut single, “My Man,” shot to the top of the charts this summer, giving us a taste of just how good this album really is.

Tamartians rejoiced when the album dropped on September 29th! Finally, WE could hear all eleven tracks.

And, can WE please talk about the album’s artwork? Because it is on point. Fans flocked to social media to thank Tamar for blessing them with an album they referred to as beautiful, gorgeous, authentic and original, before pointing out that it’s a perfect display of Tamar’s evolution.

THIS is my BEST & LAST album! Enjoy

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Go get your physical copy of my LAST album #bluebirdofhappiness

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Overall, her album has been well-received by fans, and Tamar has every reason to celebrate.

Thank you all so much!! I’m BEYOND grateful!!! AND we got our LIFE tonight #tamartianfriends #bluebirdofhappiness out NOW!!!

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In fact, it was so well-received that it was declared a #1 Best Seller on Amazon the day it
was released!

“Bluebird of Happiness” is available in stores everywhere!

Let’s get physical #bluebirdofhappiness on sale NOW!

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And, of course, it’s available for download on iTunes and Spotify.

If you haven’t already gotten your copy of “Bluebird of Happiness,” then go and get it RIGHT NOW, because it is everything. Congratulations, Tamar!