Thursday Night Recap: Week 6

Tonight on L.A. Hair, Dontay throws a party and invites China and Naja against Angela’s wishes… talk about a recipe for disaster!  Kim styles hair for the Kevan Hall fashion show and takes the guy stylists with her for help.  After Jas rides Anthony pretty hard while doing a client, Anthony insults Jas behind her back and and invokes the wrath of the Kimbles.

See what Kim, China and Naja have to say about this episode:


During tonight’s House of Curves, Kenyatta proudly debuts Bella Rene’s first-ever, high-fashion fall line in a glamorous plus-size runway show. After a very publicly endorsement by Kelli, Sherlynda takes aim at Kendra’s job and wins!  Needless to say, we were not short of drama tonight and the Kelli vs. Kendra saga continues.

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