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Kiesha Talks Secrets

Secrets. Everyone has their fair share of them. While filming “Pregnant & Dating” the realization that I was walking around with the biggest, most amazing secret growing inside of me was too much to handle at times.

Why did I keep my pregnancy a secret? Depends on who I was keeping the secret from:

The Baby Daddy: Once I knew I was pregnant, I immediately saw him in a different light. What was OK when we were just “friends with benefits” was no longer alright with me. The pregnant Kiesha looked at him and was slightly disgusted. I knew he wasn’t a guy I would settle down or make a family with. I felt like I got caught slipping. Oops…that is until I saw my son’s face: A baby this beautiful could never be a mistake. I’m certain of that.

My family and friends: I think what kept me from spreading the news to my loved ones until late in the pregnancy was the situation that occurred the last time I was pregnant. Losing my son was devastating, and because everyone knew about the pregnancy, I relived the trauma every time I had to tell the story to those who wanted to know why I was no longer still pregnant. Refusing to go through that again, I decided to wait until I was in a safe zone.

Well, everybody knows now. I can’t stop talking about how much I love my son. I find myself showing his pictures to strangers. He’s my little miracle, and although after delivering him I screamed I would never do this again, I’m beginning to have second thoughts…hopefully next time I’ll be pregnant and married. 🙂

Thanks & God Bless,