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Brittany & Marcelino

Brittany & Marcelino

After connecting on a prison dating website, Brittany and Marcelino began their romance and soon made the leap to marriage. The couple has their hands full with Brittany’s son, Giovanni, from a previous relationship and their new baby girl. As they start a new chapter, Brittany lives under the constant pressure to stay out of trouble and put her prison life in the past.

Couple Recap: Brittany & MarcelinoPlay

Couple Recap: Brittany & Marcelino

WE’re taking a trip down memory lane with five “Life After Lockup” couples and recapping their whirlwind romances! Here is Brittany and Marcelino’s story.

Catching up with Marcelino and BrittanyPlay

Catching up with Marcelino and Brittany

WE sat down with Brittany and Marcelino to discuss “Life After Lockup” and how their lives have drastically changed since getting married and welcoming their baby girl. How is the couple adjusting to this new chapter? Find out!

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know the "Life After Lockup Cast?"Play

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know the “Life After Lockup” Cast?

Our favorite “Love After Lockup” couples have returned for an all-new spinoff series called “Life After Lockup!” But, before WE get to see what these couples have been up to, WE are testing your knowledge about their past!

Most Difficult Scene to WatchPlay

Most Difficult Scene to Watch

Five “Life After Lockup” couples reveal the hardest scenes to watch from “Love After Lockup.” From wild fights to scandalous love affairs, these are the moments that had everyone on edge!

Season TrailerPlay

Season Trailer

Five “Love After Lockup” couples face parole, restrictions & temptations in “Life After Lockup” — will they break the rules or break old habits? From new jobs, new children & family drama, the stakes have never been higher in the fight to stay free!

"Life After Lockup" cast vs. Social Media

“Life After Lockup” cast vs. Social Media

The ‘Life After Lockup’ cast has heard all of the rumors and remarks about their personal lives on social media, and
they’re firing back! Find out what they have to say.

Him vs. Her: Brittany & MarcelinoPlay

Him vs. Her: Brittany & Marcelino

Who’s the better cook? Who said ‘I love you’ first? Find out as Brittany and Marcelino play a quick game of “He Said, She Said.”

Plead the Fifth: Brittany & MarcelinoPlay

Plead the Fifth: Brittany & Marcelino

Brittany and Marcelino are in the hot seat as they play a round of “Plead the Fifth!” Will they fess up or keep the truth to themselves?

Common Relationship Misconceptions

Common Relationship Misconceptions

Our “Life After Lockup” couples sit down to reveal the biggest misconceptions about their relationships. Find out what they had to say!