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Praise For Single Moms

I want to praise all of the pregnant single mom’s to be and single mom’s in this world.  You are #superwomen. To take on the responsibility to love and care for a child on your own is a courageous thing.

As much as I love Arrow –  more than anything in the world – it is not always an easy role as it is 24/7.  When you are tired and want to sleep 5 more minutes – you can’t.  When you want to eat your dinner, but your baby just woke up, you leave your dinner to get cold. When your catching up with a friend and your baby cries, you have to end your phone call.  This may not seem like much to the people who don’t understand what I am talking about – and trust me, all the single mom’s will continue to sacrifice these things as it is a small trade off for the smiles you receive from you kids, but it is these everyday simple moments that would just be that much easier if there were two.  For whatever reason you find yourself doing motherhood on your own, just know that you are an example of commitment and beauty. I now want society to join me in this thought and celebrate YOU!