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Shana Opens Up

I planned for the birth of my baby to be at the birthing center by my midwife.  I planned ONLY for a natural, med free birth but we all know what happens to well placed plans sometimes! After my water broke, I only had two days to deliver naturally!  I did not arrive to the birth center until I was 10cm dilated. This stage is the pushing stage so that’s what I did…for 12 hours.  I had until 7 a.m. and when I was still pushing at 7, I had to be transferred to a nearby hospital where I labored for another 12 hours.  Rocco was not coming out naturally. The decision was made that my natural birth wasn’t going to happen! I had a good cry then I sucked it up and my little man was delivered by c-section.  It took a whopping 15 mins from the moment they wheeled me into the O.R. before I was holding Rocco.  I was awake and didn’t miss anything! My sons father was there for the surgery and we were able to welcome him into the world together! At that moment it didn’t matter how he got there but that he was with us and healthy! We are so in love with our beautiful little boy.