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Sherlynda Talks About Her Promotion

There are VERY FEW occasions where I’m left speechless. I have to admit that the moment Kenyatta promoted me to Design Director was one of those moments! I did not see the promotion coming AT ALL!!!!! Keeping it 1,000 though, CLEARLY the work has been put in.

It has always been important to me to help Kenyatta fulfill her life-long dream of revolutionizing the fashion industry, a dream shared by the both of us. I was willing to do whatever needed to be done in order for the Fall Fashion Show to be a complete success, such as outsourcing the pieces that Elly could not produce. Even though I did have to step away to focus on my personal life, the passion and love that I have for Bella René and for fashion as a whole, called me back. I can’t thank Kenyatta enough for letting me come back, but I knew that I had to work my ass off and prove that I belong at Bella René.

I didn’t expect anything to get handed to me…I never do. I will say this: it’s the best feeling in the world knowing that someone believes in you and your vision enough to give you a second chance. And, when you do get that second chance, you better SLAY THE SCENE!!!!