Merci Beaucoup Cakes

About Merci Beaucoup Cakes

Reva Alexander-Hawk – Owner of Merci Beaucoup Cakes. This season Reva and Marc are using new and exciting techniques to fulfill their artistic visions. That means more airbrush, bigger and taller designs, lot of fondant, and of course buttercream. This is a bakery that’s never short on drama!

Her staff:
Marc Gravelle
– Buttercream master, artistic force. Just try to wrestle a pastry bag filled with buttercream out of his hand. Reva generally trusts him to do his own thing. He thinks of each cake as his canvas.

Mic – Reva’s husband, who helps with deliveries and various responsibilities

Cake Trend:
Cupcakes are at an end, at least for wedding cake designs. Tiers of different heights variety of layers. Non symmetrical. Lots of white on white.

Fun Facts:
• Before she became a cake decorator, Reva studied opera and musical theater
• Marc wears the buttercream T-shirt
• Reva wears the fondant T-shirt

What got you interested in baking wedding cakes?
I just love weddings. I really like working with brides because they are so happy.

Did anyone inspire you?
Collette Peters and Martha Stewart

Baking Tip:
Always bake the cake the day before you decorate it. Bake at low temperature and for longer time-this makes its rise evenly.

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