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Dana Loves Her Chapel Job

Was that bayou woman for real?! I love her! She’s as country funky as it comes! Offering to help city mouse Mia out though… total mistake. I agreed to help Mia do the couple’s “save the date” photos, because she was SCARED of visiting the swamp. Lo and behold, she was right to be frightened! Some giant bayou bald Santa clause wouldn’t quit trying to get me to “sit on his lap.” So I just tried to be polite and get away ASAP but I can STILL feel his eyes staring me down! ugh.

At the reception, I was nervous as hell since I’ve never played Cajun or zydeco before, but I have to say HOW FUN WAS THAT! I barely even noticed a fight that happened. I’ve seen so many fights on the dance floor and I just wasn’t feeling it that day. I wanted to keep my high from a good performance so I turned my attention to a shot of whiskey instead. It was much more fulfilling than yet another jealous fight!

At the chapel, we had some street performers come in and honestly, they had such a quirky routine going on I was happy to take back seat. Their best man was killer though! I just wanted to have a cup of coffee with him and hear that little nerdy voice come out of that 9 foot monster all day long. Tell me a story mister! The wedding at my favorite bar… well … lets just say shots of Grand Marnier, miniscule will power and a hyenas decorum leads to bras on the ceiling, bitches being beat up behind the video poker machines and Mia, Maria and I drinking at the bar. I love my job!