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Towanda Braxton Dishes on Business, Family & Braxton Family Values

When we last saw Towanda Braxton, her relationship with Andre was up in the air, and she was thinking about becoming a surrogate mother for Tamar!

Towanda has also been busy with The Secret Squirrel, her brand-new concierge/lifestyle company that trains individuals who would like to become personal assistants to celebrities.

We caught up with Towanda to ask her about her new business venture … and what we can expect when new episodes of Braxton Family Values kicks off on August 16 at 9|8c.

WE: Hi Towanda! What inspired you to start your own school for aspiring personal assistants to celebrities?

Towanda: What inspired me was, once I began assisting Toni, everyone was always asking if I knew of any other assistants that were able to conduct business the way that I can, because I took my craft very seriously. So with all I had invested, I decided to continue my craft and create The Secret Squirrel.

WE: Why is it called The Secret Squirrel?

Towanda: My family calls me The Secret Squirrel because everyone confides in me with everything that is going on with their lives, and being a assistant, you have to be a very trustworthy person.

WE: What are the secrets to being a great personal assistant? What kind of skills does a person need? What do celebs look for in an assistant?

Towanda: Patience, organization and being trustworthy. Well, the very first skill is being organized, because the purpose of being an assistant is to make sure the person you’re working for is always on schedule and staying on schedule. Celebrities look for assistants who are self-motivated and can handle all situations without asking and notifying them of the conflicts that are going on.

WE: Have you met a lot of qualified applicants? What were they like? Were some applicants totally UNqualified?

Towanda: Everyone is catching on very well and they are very excited, but during the intake, there were quite a bit who were not ready to become a assistant.

WE: What were the best and worst things about being Toni’s personal assistant? Are you still serving in that role for her?

Towanda: Being on call 24/7 (laughing). And I still do from time to time help train her assistant.

WE: What should a personal assistant NEVER do?

Towanda: A personal assistant should never show a sign of weakness.

WE: New episodes of Braxton Family Values kicks off on Aug. 16th! What should we expect? What’s in store for Towanda and Andre?

Towanda: You can expect a lot more secrets to be revealed, and as for Me and Andre, we are still a work in progress. We’re fully concentrating on raising our children.

WE: Does Andre finally have a J.O.B.? Are you still the breadwinner of the family?

Towanda: (Laughing) … you have to watch the new episodes airing in August.

WE: Have you and Andre called off your separation?

Towanda: Once again, you have to stay tuned!

WE: Are you still thinking about being a surrogate for Tamar?

Towanda: You are trying to get me in trouble (laughing). All I am going to say is, watch new episodes in August.

WE: Are you and Andre living together again? How does it feel to have a new house? How are the kids doing?

Towanda: I am loving MY new home and my babies are growing up so fast, so we’re taking everything day by day.

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