Michael Braxton Sr.

About Michael Braxton Sr.

Michael Conrad Braxton Sr. grew up in Maryland and loves the home of the Ravens.  Like his daughter Traci, he prefers the four seasons to the constant summer in Los Angeles.  He spent his life working at Baltimore Gas & Electric and as a Methodist clergyman.  When his job ended, four years from retirement, Michael decided to go back to college to get his degree.  He talks to his son, Michael Jr, who lives in Maryland, every day.  Since he’s been working since age 17, Michael Sr. is now enjoying retirement and wants to travel and reestablish relationships with his daughters and visit his grandchildren as much as possible.  Michael and Evelyn, or “Miss E” as he calls her, divorced 12 years ago and Michael Sr. now lives with his second wife in Baltimore.
When Michael was a preacher, his daughters were his choir and sang together.  Although he’s retired, he has been substitute teaching and is on the board of directors for Anne Arundel County.  Michael enjoys giving back to the community and sharing his vast life experience.  Since he was from a bad neighborhood, he wants to show today’s kids that it’s possible can get past all of that and have a better life.
Michael drives a 2010 candy apple red Corvette and admits to being old school and stuck in the 1960s.  His daughters call him “El Cheapo” for obvious reasons. He learned to dance when he was seven or eight years old and now loves it.  He also claims he didn’t have gray hair until Tamar came along.