Tamar Braxton

About Tamar Braxton

The youngest and most outspoken of the Braxton’s six children, Tamar started singing as a toddler. Evelyn recognized her daughter’s talents when one day Tamar sang “Can you please get me some toilet paper!”  Tamar claims she knew as early as three years old that she wanted to be center stage.

When the sisters formed The Braxtons, Tamar’s high soprano voice was in sharp contrast to Toni’s husky contralto. Then after The Braxtons broke up, Tamar and her sisters sang back-up for Toni and can be seen in the video “Seven Whole Days.”  In 1996 (without Toni), the sisters released an album for Atlantic called “So Many Ways.”  A few years later, Tamar explored her gospel side on T.D. Jakes’ Love Songs album.  She later met Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, a rapper/producer based in Atlanta, Georgia, who recorded her solo debut album, Ridiculous, which got its name due to the many different musical styles on the album.  Ridiculous was retooled and released by Dreamworks as Tamar in 2000.

Also in 2000, Tamar performed in Toni Braxton’s “He Wasn’t Man Enough” video and sang on the soundtrack for the feature “Kingdom Come”, in which Toni appears as Juanita Slocumb.  Tamar also sang background on Toni’s albums The Heat, More Than A Woman, Libra and Pulse.  In 2004, Tamar was briefly signed to Tommy Mattola’s Casablanca Records and released the promotional single “I’m Leaving”.

While writing and actively singing on Toni’s albums, Tamar began working closely with “super producer,” executive and best friend to Toni, Vincent Herbert.  The two became very close and wed in the fall of 2008. While still being a well sought after background singer, Tamar signed a new deal with her husband’s record label and is currently working on her long awaited album. Along with working on her own music, Tamar also was a featured background vocalist in Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.”  Tamar is also an actress who has worked with Tyler Perry on the play “Madea Goes to Jail” as well as doing a voice-over for Will Smith’s webisodes, “The Fresh Prince.”  Although Tamar has always had a close relationship to Toni, who used to dress her up and take her everywhere she went, Tamar is determined not to live in her big sister’s shadow.

Tamar has simple advice for keeping a man: bacon maple donuts.  Tamar;  “… any man you want – black, yellow, purple, Puerto Rican, Asian.  Right there.”