Trina E. Braxton

About Trina E. Braxton

Trina E. Braxton evolved from singing in an R&B girl group (The Braxton’s) with her sisters to multifaceted entertainer and astute businesswoman. Best known for her bluntness, Trina is a fan favorite on WE’s top-rated reality show, Braxton Family Values.

Often portrayed on camera as the ‘life of the party,’ Trina is fun, full of energy and knows how to enjoy life, but most people don’t know she’s also the business savvy Braxton sister. As creator and co-owner of popular Atlanta recording studio The Bass Mint, Trina provides a musical sanctuary for artists around the country. Additionally, Trina is the Founder of Soltri Entertainment, a full-service production company through which she’ll release her forthcoming EP. “You have to know how to prioritize,” said the singer, actress and master mixologist.

Acting has always been a passion in Trina’s life; she’s been acting out television scenes with her sisters since she was a young girl. Trained at Atlanta’s prestigious Nick Conte’s Professional Actors Studio, Trina has landed roles in numerous independent films and high-grossing plays including Tyler Perry’s “Meet The Browns.” Recently, Trina guest starred on TV Land’s sitcom “Soul Man,” opposite Cedric the Entertainer and Niecy Nash.

While raising two teenage boys, Eric and Caleb, Trina pursued and attained her degree in business and communications. Even with the demands of everyday life, Trina’s discipline and dedication paid off. A graduate of The University of Phoenix, Trina utilizes her knowledge to garner new business ventures for the Braxton brand. Trina’s now focused on opening a trendy, yet affordable clothing and accessory boutique in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Already becoming a household name, Trina plans to take their brand even further by producing innovative products and services for beauty, fitness, fashion and entertainment industries that align with the Braxton brand.

With a love for living in the spotlight and working behind the scenes, Trina Braxton is committed to expanding her family’s rich legacy. Trina’s out-of-the-box thinking and genuine approach to entertainment has attracted a new generation to her fabulousness. Trina’s fans, her ‘Boom Booms,’ as she affectionately calls them, can look forward to all things fresh, fun and fearless from this multi-talented diva.