Vincent Herbert

About Vincent Herbert

Tamar’s husband, Vincent Herbert, born December 31, has been the man in the background of many famous recording artists over the last 10 years, creating hits for Destiny’s Child, Michael Jackson, Jo Jo, Stevie Wonder and many more, including megastar Lady Gaga.  When the 19-year old Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta decided to put all her effort in her music, she rejected Def Jam but got a new chance when her ex-boyfriend and co-writer Rob Fusari sent the songs he produced with her to Vincent, who was then a producer and record executive at Streamline records, an imprint of Interscope Records.  This became the big breakthrough for young Lady Gaga, since she got the opportunity to write songs for artists such as the Pussycat Dolls, Fergie and Britney Spears.  Gaga credits Herbert as the man who discovered her, saying “I really feel like we made pop history, and we’re going to keep doing it.”
Herbert has a huge commitment and interest in music, which he obviously successfully channels into hit song after hit song. Tamar Braxton’s most famous song as a solo artist, “Please,” was produced by her husband.