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I Love LA

Season 1, Episode 4
Aired 5.3.11

The Braxtons travel to Los Angeles, where Toni will be receiving an award. They stay with Tamar and Vince, and are irritated by her “house rules.” Toni shocks her family by confessing she has lupus, and reveals this news at the award ceremony. Show Full Recap

Toni, her mother, and her sisters arrive at Tamar and Vince’s house in Los Angeles, where they’ll be staying while Toni is honored at a Lupus LA charity event. Tamar gives them an annoyingly detailed list of her “house rules” that she expects them to follow, as well as a “to-do” list of activities. But the Braxton ladies are thrilled when Tamar surprises them with their brother Mikey’s arrival from Maryland. Later, Tamar talks Toni into getting a spray tan so she’ll look good for the event. Toni hates the results, and her sisters make fun of her bad tan. The sisters have a slumber party in their pajamas, and drink Champagne. At breakfast the next morning, the sisters are appalled by Traci’s poor table manners. Tamar says she’s going to take her to a charm school, and suggests that Evelyn get a Botox treatment. Toni insists on accompanying Tamar and her mother to the plastic surgeon, but becomes squeamish and leaves the room when Evelyn gets an injection. Evelyn is happy with the result. Trina and Tamar get into an argument over Trina’s treatment of Tamar during her intervention. Toni sides with Tamar, and airs her own frustrations with Trina. The conversation becomes too intense for Toni, and she breaks into tears. She tells her sisters that she hasn’t been feeling well, and that she’s going to be seeing a doctor. Tamar and Trina feel guilty for causing Toni distress. Fortunately, Toni’s doctor gives her a clean bill of health. While Toni is at her appointment, her sisters go to the charm school, where elderly Mrs. Olson instructs them on how to converse and sit like ladies. Later, at dinner, Toni shocks her family by revealing that she has lupus, and will be “coming out” at the event. Toni’s sisters end up presenting her with the award, and Toni proclaims herself to be a lupus survivor. The episode concludes back at Tamar’s house, where Trina tears Tamar’s list of “house rules” off of the wall and throws it in the trash.

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