Sneak Peek

It’s My Birthday

Season 1, Episode 2
Aired 4.26.11

Toni’s plans for a quiet birthday are ruined when Tamar convinces her that the sisters should jet to Miami to celebrate. They take a yacht tour, attend a Dolphins game, and shop for a vacation home. Back in Atlanta, Towanda sets Toni up on a date. Show Full Recap

Toni plans to celebrate her upcoming birthday quietly, but Tamar has her own plan, as always. She talks Toni into letting her and Vince fly the sisters on a private jet to Miami to celebrate. In Miami, Tamar treats Toni and their sisters to a yacht trip. Tamar does an impression of Toni singing “Unbreak My Heart,” which annoys Toni, but amuses their sisters. The sisters encourage Toni, who is separated, to start dating, but she doesn’t feel ready. Traci reveals that she rarely has sex with her husband, and Trina talks about her wild side. Toni opens her birthday presents and is happy with them. But when her sisters want to go clubbing, Toni stays behind to order room service and go to bed early. By the pool the next day, Toni’s sisters keep pushing her to date, and she keeps resisting their entreaties. Toni accompanies Tamar and Vince as they shop for a vacation home. But Tamar tells her she wants Vince to help her get her career on track so she can afford to buy things on her own. The sisters shop and attend a Miami Dolphins game the next day, where Toni signs autographs for fans. But Toni is uncomfortable at being in a club-like section of the stadium, and they leave early. At a birthday dinner at her favorite restaurant, Toni asks Vince and Tamar if they are planning on having kids, and Vince says they’re not ready; they already have Tamar. Insulted, Tamar poses a bizarre set of hypothetical questions to her husband, and Vince leaves the restaurant in a huff. Then Tamar starts an argument with Toni about the kind of man she thinks Toni needs to be with. Trina ends up drinking too much as usual, and passes out on the flight back home. In Atlanta, Tamar and Vince argue; Vince is upset by her spending habits, and Tamar wants him to do more to get her album going. Towanda sets Toni up on date, which goes poorly. So Toni starts shopping online for a battery-operated playmate!

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