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Taste of a Wedding Singer

Season 1, Episode 3
Aired 4.19.11

The Braxton sisters fear that Trina’s weight gain and alcohol abuse are symptoms of a depression. They consult a family therapist, then surprise Trina with an intervention. After a rocky start, progress is made, and the sisters hold hands at the end. Show Full Recap

The Braxton sisters get together for brunch. Trina shocks everyone by confessing she was arrested for a DUI. Towanda and Andre go to dinner later, and when Towanda gets stuck with the bill, she tells Andre he needs to get a real job. The sisters discuss what they want to cook for the Taste of Atlanta. Toni tells Trina she should tell their mom Evelyn about her arrest. Trina changes the subject by inviting her sisters to watch her band rehearse, and Towanda invites them to attend her acting class. The sisters go to see Trina’s band, and discover she’s not the lead singer. Trina is furious when they express their surprise, and tells them to leave. Towanda tells Andre she wants them to see a marriage counselor, but he refuses. Tamar, Traci and Evelyn get together to discuss Taste of Atlanta, and Evelyn says she wants to make her blackberry dumplings. Tamar tells Evelyn she is worried about Trina, and wants to talk to Gabe about her. Evelyn doesn’t approve, but her daughters meet with Gabe anyway. He confirms that Trina is depressed, and Tamar ends up blaming him. The sisters and Evelyn do a taste test of her dumplings, and the girls don’t have the heart to tell her they’re bad. Trina finally tells Evelyn about her DUI, and Evelyn is disappointed. Tamar goes to acting class with Towanda and Trina, and the three of them perform improvs. Toni suggests that the girls and Evelyn hold an intervention for Trina, with the help of their family therapist, Dr. Sherry. Towanda takes Trina to a spa while her sisters and mother meet with Dr. Sherry at Toni’s house, then brings her to Toni’s for the intervention. Trina is initially defensive, and becomes angry with Tamar in particular. But Dr. Sherry calms her down, and Trina admits she’s not doing well. The session ends with the sisters and Evelyn holding hands in unity. At Taste of Atlanta, Evelyn’s dumplings turn out so soggy that no one can eat them — to the relief of her daughters!

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