Sneak Peek

A Clean Break

Season 2, Episode 18
Aired 3.15.12

Evelyn tells Doc she’s calling off the wedding and just wants to be friends. Before a gig, Toni tells Tamar she’s working with new management. Gabe apologizes to Trina for his recent transgressions. Show Full Recap

Evelyn tells Doc she’s cancelling the wedding. He’s shocked, but respects her feelings and wants to keep seeing her. Trina talks to Towanda about Gabe, while Toni and her new managers discuss an upcoming gig at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Toni gathers everyone in LA, and after the girls toast to the bride and groom, Evelyn reveals the wedding is cancelled. The girls are shocked but not totally surprised by the news. They are supportive of Evelyn’s decision, which she appreciates. Later, Toni meets with Evelyn to share that she has parted ways with Vince, and is worried because she has to break the news to Tamar. Evelyn assures Toni that Tamar will understand. Before leaving town, Toni gathers everyone to share her news about dropping Vince as her manager. Tamar’s upset and becomes defensive on Vince’s behalf, while Toni explains she wants to keep family and business separate. Tamar says that if Toni doesn’t want Vince to be her manager, it’s her loss. Later, Toni and her ex-husband, Keri, arrive in Park City, along with Toni’s new assistant, Alex. In Atlanta, Evelyn goes to see Dr. Sherry to discuss the cancelled wedding. Evelyn shares her feelings about getting old, and concludes that she’s happy and wants to be by herself, for now. At the show in Park City, Toni loosens up the crowd and gives a great performance. Then the family gathers in Atlanta, where Gabe apologizes to Trina in front of her mom and sisters while reading his transgressions off note cards. He says he’ll be seeing a sexual addiction therapist, and the girls roll their eyes in disbelief. An upset and humiliated Trina gives Gabe a piece of her mind. Later, Evelyn tells Doc she wants him to see other people because she only wants to be friends. Doc is hurt by this but tries to stay positive by telling Evelyn he still wants to be a part of her life.

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