Sneak Peek

A Snooping Dog

Season 2, Episode 3
Aired 12.1.11

Gabe and Trina fight over the GPS he installed in her phone while Tamar flies to Chicago to be a guest D.J. After talking to Towanda about their relationship, Andre’s inspired to write a book. Show Full Recap

Tamar tells her sisters she got a job as a guest morning D.J. in Chicago, then practices her radio voice for them. Over dinner, Trina informs Gabe that she’s going to work on her own album. Gabe asks if this means she’ll be spending more time with the band and Trina accuses him of having trust issues. Gabe secretly suspects that Trina’s cheating. Meanwhile, Andre asks Towanda what he can do to improve their relationship and she makes a list, which inspires him to write a relationship book -- but she’d rather that he get a J-O-B so she doesn’t have to work for Toni. At Trina’s next rehearsal, Gabe surprises her by showing up. But after he critiques the dancing and gives ideas for the choreography, she asks him to leave.  Tamar tells Vince about her guest D.J. offer and he’s concerned that she’s spreading herself too thin between that and her album. Meanwhile, Andre shares his concerns with Towanda about the job market and she suggests he get a teaching job. Then Andre shows her that he HAS been working – on a first draft of his relationship book, “69 Ways.” Towanda can’t believe Andre wrote a relationship book due to the status of theirs. She agrees to read it if he applies for a teaching job. In Chicago, Tamar and Vince go to a concert where she’s bombarded by thousands of fans, which thrills her and doesn’t surprise Vince. Back in Atlanta, Towanda tells Trina about Andre’s book, and Trina asks if this means they’re getting back together. Meanwhile in Chicago, the radio show starts out rocky but Tamar rallies and does a great job, making Vince proud. In Atlanta, Trina complains to Gabe that her cell’s not working and he confesses it’s because he installed GPS in it. Trina’s furious, reminding him that he was the one who cheated on her. Towanda give Andre feedback about his book, then Andre tells her he wants his family back but Towanda isn’t convinced he means it. Finally, Trina shows Gabe her new cellphone and makes him promise to keep his hands off it.

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