Sneak Peek

Baby Business & Background Singers

Season 2, Episode 20
Aired 8.16.12

Tamar starts fertility treatments. Tamar and Towanda tell their husbands about the surrogacy idea. Toni enlists her sisters’ help to find new background singers. Evelyn opens a life coaching business. Show Full Recap

This mini-season kicks off with Tamar visiting a fertility specialist in Atlanta, who looks in her uterus to see if it’s hospitable for a baby. Much to Tamar’s surprise and relief, it is! However, her egg supply is low and getting pregnant will require daily fertility shots and an egg extraction process. Tamar feels overwhelmed by the fertility treatment process and reveals to Trina she’s in no hurry to have a baby, because she’s still working on her career. Meanwhile, Towanda runs her idea of carrying Tamar’s baby past Andre. Andre uses the opportunity to not only bash Tamar, but also to accuse the Braxton family of taking advantage of Towanda every chance they get. Towanda regrets telling him. That evening, Evelyn updates the girls on her new business venture, a life coaching business. While the girls are supportive, they’re a little preoccupied with flying to LA the next day to help Toni find new background singers. Out in LA, the girls crack the whip during the audition process, especially Toni who shuts a girl down for wanting to sing a song by a different artist. Meanwhile, back in Atlanta, Evelyn enjoys coaching a woman who has a troubled relationship with her mother. This confirms for Evelyn that she’d like to help more people and expand her business. In LA, Tamar puts the final background singers through a hilarious audition process. Finally, Toni picks her top four girls and alerts them that their first rehearsal is in half an hour. Evelyn meets Doc, her ex-fiancé, and proposes combining her life coaching business with his weight loss and health program. While Evelyn is strictly professional, Doc clearly would like to mix business with pleasure. Toni tests out her new background singers and quickly discovers they aren’t nearly as good as Towanda and Trina. That night at dinner, Tamar shares with Vince that she’s not ready to carry a baby. Vince shuts down the idea of Towanda as a surrogate but agrees to interviewing surrogates.

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