Sneak Peek

Birthday Party or Go Home

Season 2, Episode 23
Aired 9.6.12

Trina hustles to get ready for her music video shoot. Traci brushes up on her vocals, and sisters throw her a surprise birthday party. The girls worry about Evelyn and stage a diabetes intervention. Show Full Recap

Traci arrives at Trina’s house in Atlanta, excited to be a part of Trina’s first music video. Trina shares the concept of the video and also reveals she’s almost broke. She’s already spent $20,000 and needs it to be perfect. Over at Evelyn’s house, Tamar, Towanda and Trina plan Traci’s surprise birthday party and talk about mommy’s poor eating habits, which are dangerous because she’s a diabetic. Traci has a training session with family vocal coach Terrence, who starts her off doing calisthenics while singing and is disappointed by Traci’s low endurance. Tamar and Evelyn go out for a snack, and Tamar is horrified at Evelyn’s choice of a big slice of caramel cake. Evelyn gets defensive when Tamar questions her sugar intake. Trina meets with wardrobe designer Reco and tries on a few sexy outfits for her music video. Trina springs on Reco that Traci will need a last-minute outfit. Reco responds by saying he’ll have to take other things out of the already-tight budget. That night, the whole family shows up for Traci’s surprise birthday party, and her husband bursts out of a giant birthday cake to everyone’s amazement. Traci is genuinely surprised and deeply moved. During Trina’s final choreography session, she reveals to her choreographer Victor how nervous she is for the next day’s music video shoot. On the other side of town, Traci has her second session with Terrance and is much improved. Then the girls show up unannounced at Evelyn’s house and raid her fridge, where they find tons of bad food that Evelyn claims is for the grandkids. The girls pressure her about her poor diet, and she agrees to see a nutritionist. The next day Towanda arrives for Trina’s music video and finds out nothing is ready. Trina shows up only to find Reco has switched up her wardrobe at the last second. The shoot is long and grueling but despite Gabe’s meddling and the stress of running behind, Trina shines through and nails her choreography.

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