Sneak Peek

Critical Condition

Season 2, Episode 13
Aired 2.9.12

Trina learns that Gabe’s been having cyber-sex on a social networking site; Tamar and Traci work-out with a tough trainer; the family drops everything when Vince is suddenly hospitalized in NYC. Show Full Recap

Vince tells Tamar he wants a dog. Tamar says no, but after seeing how important it is to him, she considers it. Traci visits Tamar in LA, and reveals she wants to lose weight. Tamar invites Traci to a session with a personal trainer, Sgt. Tchicaya, who Tamar found for Vince, but Vince has been too busy to visit. Tchicaya is from the Congo and his unconventional workout leaves Traci and Tamar exhausted. Trina invites the family to dinner to tell them her band’s doing a showcase, and she’d like the family to be there. Tamar proceeds to drink and pick on everyone. Later on, at Trina’s rehearsal, her band leader Ronnie shares that their showcase has been pushed back, but he’s booked a gig in New Orleans on Trina’s birthday weekend. Meanwhile, Tamar and Traci go back to Tchicaya, who puts them through intense exercises. Tamar stops, defeated, but Traci perseveres. Trina tells Gabe about her gig and he offers to bring the boys to celebrate her birthday. Trina’s not into it. Gabe’s insulted and an argument ensues. Meanwhile, while on a business trip to New York City with Tamar, Vince starts to feel ill. He goes to the E.R. where he learns he has a blood clot in his lung. Vince is hospitalized, and the entire Braxton Family – all the sisters, Evelyn, Michael Sr., and Michael Jr. – drop everything to travel to New York to be with Tamar. As Tamar talks about the severity of the situation, she breaks down. The family holds Tamar’s hands and says a prayer. In the waiting room, Tamar asks Trina about her and Gabe’s latest fight, but Trina doesn’t want to talk about it. Trina reveals to Evelyn that Gabe’s been having cyber-sex with a random woman who has photos of Gabe’s “manhood” and is threatening to post them online. Trina’s distraught, and Evelyn comforts her, saying Gabe has a sickness and needs help. Trina and Traci go for a walk and agree that Vince’s illness is a wake-up call to take care of themselves. To camera, Tamar shares her biggest fear: that Vince won’t come home.

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