Sneak Peek

Desert Divas

Season 2, Episode 11
Aired 1.26.12

After an explosive therapy session, the sisters go on a retreat to resolve their issues, have fun and bond. All goes well until Toni spends a day by herself, upsetting the other sisters. Show Full Recap

The sisters go to therapy to hash things out with Dr. Sherry. Tamar tells Toni she wants to be treated like a friend, not a fan; Trina says it’s time for Towanda to move out; Towanda tells Tamar she’s gotten mean; and Tamar says she feels like she’s always on the outside. Toni then suggests Traci lose 20 to 40 lbs, infuriating Traci who storms out. Evelyn – who is also present for the session - checks on Traci, and returns to the room to tell everyone that Traci needs more time to cool off. Toni tells her sisters that she’s helped them her whole life and wants to have her own identity now. Traci returns and admits she’s still angry about being left out of her sister’s album deal back in the 90s because she got pregnant. After the session, over dinner at Evelyn’s, Tamar reiterates that like Traci, she feels like an outsider. Towanda says they take turns being outsiders, and Evelyn says she hates that they pick sides. Toni suggests they go on a sisters’ retreat to reconnect. A few days later, they check into a beautiful resort in Arizona and head out to shop for souvenirs. That night, they do shots and decide to forego the line dancing for some cage dancing instead. Back at the hotel, they put on their pajamas and order room service, making sure to tease the cute waiter. At breakfast, Trina talks about her marriage, and Toni shares that Keri and her are over, and he’s moving out. The girls finish eating so they can go horseback riding, but Toni never shows up, upsetting the other girls. She explains (to camera) that she woke up not feeling well and the sun’s bad for her Lupus, so she went to the spa instead. Meanwhile, the others have fun horseback riding, shooting guns, and throwing axes. On the plane home, the girls think Toni’s sitting alone because she’s aloof, but she’s actually just afraid of flying. Tamar announces she wants to do an album, which thrills Traci. The girls exchange friendship bracelets – with Toni sitting by herself, missing out on bonding.

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