Sneak Peek

For Better or Worse

Season 2, Episode 25
Aired 9.20.12

The Braxtons go on vacation in St. Lucia where Toni performs on stage with her sisters. Trina surprises the family with an impromptu vow renewal ceremony, much to the disapproval of her sisters. Show Full Recap

Tamar is worried about Gabe worming his way back into Trina’s life, so she and Traci take Trina to a relationship expert. Trina says she believes in forgiveness and feels like she has to choose between her family and Gabe. She wishes her family would respect her choice, even if they disagree. Traci says she’ll support whatever decision Trina makes, but Tamar refuses to budge. The girls all arrive in St. Lucia and bond while souvenir shopping for their kids. Gabe shows up on the island and visits Trina in secret. On the beach, Gabe surprises Trina with a diamond ring and asks her to re-marry him so they can start fresh. Trina, surprised and shocked, agrees to give him a second chance. She asks Gabe to invite her father to the ceremony, since she was very disappointed that he didn’t attend their first wedding. Later, Toni performs for thousands of screaming fans and calls her sisters on stage to sing together. After the concert during cocktails, the sisters once again give Trina a hard time about Gabe because they don’t want to see her get hurt any more. That night Trina chickens out about telling them her plans to renew her vows with Gabe. But the next day during a sailing trip, Trina finally announces her wedding plans. Tamar and Toni are not supportive and believe it’s only a matter of time that Gabe will cheat again. Trina starts to doubt whether she’s making the right decision. At the ceremony, the girls walk in and are surprised by Gabe’s makeover. As soon as Trina sees Gabe she melts and is excited to walk down the aisle again, this time with her father. Toni and Towanda have to pinch and subdue Tamar from ruining Trina’s special moment. Evelyn and Michael Braxton Sr. are deeply moved by the ceremony and give their advice as parents. At the reception, the sisters look miserable as they half-heartedly support Trina. But Trina and Gabe barely notice their critics, basking in their renewed love. Trina finally gets her father-daughter dance on her wedding day.

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