Sneak Peek

Great Eggspectations

Season 2, Episode 22
Aired 8.30.12

Evelyn sets Towanda up on a blind date while Trina starts production on her first music video and asks Gabe to invest. Tamar nervously gets her eggs harvested, fertilized and frozen. Show Full Recap

In Atlanta, Evelyn wants to set up Towanda on a blind date, and after much suspicion and resistance Towanda finally gives in to the idea. Out in LA, Tamar and Vince discuss the fertility shots Tamar’s been taking in preparation for her upcoming egg extraction procedure. They’re both very nervous about it. Back in Atlanta, Trina meets with the creative team for her first music video. Her flamboyant wardrobe stylist Reco gets overzealous with his input and is put in his place by serious director Derek Blanks. The next day, Trina asks Gabe to invest money in her music video. Gabe agrees but also wants a creative role.  Tamar arrives for her egg extraction in LA, and Toni is there with Evelyn for support. Toni turns out to be more of a know-it-all annoyance, and Michael Braxton Sr. makes a surprise appearance. After the procedure, the family goes in to cheer up Tamar and finds out six eggs were harvested. The family wants to know how soon Tamar will be impregnated, and the doctor advises them not to pressure her. Trina auditions a wide array of kooky background dancers in Atlanta. Then she spots a hot leading man and has a kiss audition right as Gabe walks in, awkward! Towanda searches Trina’s closet for something sexy for her blind date, and Trina makes her even more nervous. Towanda shows up at the restaurant extremely excited but is quickly dejected when Andre walks in with flowers. He lays it on thick with how much he loves her and wants a second chance, but Towanda still gives him a hard time. Trina has her first choreography session, which only freaks her out because she’s no hoofer and only has a week before the shoot. At Trina’s house, Towanda tells Trina and Evelyn about her blind date. She also suggests Trina invite Traci to be in the music video. Vince flies the family to LA for a yacht trip where Tamar announces she has five fertilized and frozen embryos. She refuses to say exactly when she plans on getting pregnant, but it seems unlikely any time soon.

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