Sneak Peek

Making the Cut

Season 2, Episode 24
Aired 1.27.13

Toni asks sisters to perform with her in St. Lucia while Gabe gets a makeover from Evelyn to prove to Trina he’s a changed man. Trina screens her music video for her biggest critics Tamar and Toni. Show Full Recap

The sisters meet up in LA with Toni, who asks Trina and Towanda if they will be her backup singers again and invites them all to St. Lucia for an upcoming concert. Meanwhile, Gabe meets with Evelyn and asks for advice to win Trina back. Evelyn says he not only needs to change on the inside but also the outside and suggests a complete makeover. The girls take a booty-clapping lesson in hopes of getting in shape for their trip to St. Lucia. Toni is hesitant about dancing around a pole, but by the end of the class she’s shaking it hard and getting dirty with the rest of them. Trina screens the dailies of her music video with Traci, who is upset to find out her signature cigar is missing from the video. Evelyn pushes Gabe to clean up his act by cutting off his long hair and buying a suit. Later that night, Gabe meets Trina for a surprise dinner, and she is less than pleased with his new look. Gabe insists he’s a new man and asks for another chance. Although touched by his efforts, Trina doesn’t want to be fooled a third time and still has serious reservations. The next day at lunch, the girls talk about their upcoming St. Lucia trip and Trina mentions Gabe’s desire to get back together. They collectively recoil in disgust, especially Tamar who is dead-set against Gabe and doesn’t believe he’ll ever change his cheating ways. The next day Trina reveals to Tamar she’s stressed that her son Caleb isn’t doing well in school. Tamar wonders if it’s the divorce and if Trina needs to cut Gabe out of her life for the betterment of her kids. Trina disagrees and says Gabe’s presence is better for the kids because he’s such a great father to them. Trina screens her music video for Tamar and Toni. While they like it, they also have plenty of criticism. Tamar is inspired to write a song, and Toni accompanies her while they sing about Trina and Gabe.

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