Sneak Peek

Reunion Special

Season 2
Aired 3.29.12

The reunion show, hosted by Wendy Williams, features the girls, Evelyn and Dr. Sherry. Toni discusses her work, Trina and Towanda explain their complicated marriages and Tamar comments on everything. Show Full Recap

Wendy Williams hosts the season two reunion show before a live studio audience. After Wendy introduces Evelyn and the girls, Toni kicks off the conversation by talking about the experience of shooting season two. She also talks about her new single, produced by her “was-band”, Keri, and fields questions about the status of their relationship. Wendy asks Towanda about Andre, and she admits they haven’t had sex for two years. Then Wendy asks if there’s a timetable for their relationship. Towanda claims she still wants to give it a try, but her sisters are skeptical. Then Wendy asks if the sisters are jealous of Tamar since she’s the “breakout star” of the series. Towanda answers, saying that jealousy isn’t part of their vocabulary, and they’re all happy for Tamar. Evelyn is asked about her relationship with Doc. She claims they’re now just friends, and she’s willing to go out with other men. Then Wendy asks Traci to talk about her growth this season. Traci notes that she’s a “work in progress”, and it bothers her that she’s still referred to as the “wannabe.” After some clips showcasing the sisters’ musical talents, we see a sneak peek from Toni’s new music video. Then Wendy introduces Dr. Sherry, who applauds the girls for having courage to talk about their issues. Wendy grills Trina about her relationship with Gabe, and her “oral transaction”. She admits that she’s not living with Gabe, but they’re still raising their boys together. When Trina reveals she’s filed for divorce from Gabe, the audience applauds. Dr. Sherry points out that filing for divorce and going through with it are two different things. Tamar adds that in this family being legally separated doesn’t mean much, and the girls breakout an impromptu song about Trina and Gabe. Wendy announces the winner of WEtv.com’s “Who is your Favorite Braxton” poll: it’s Tamar once again! Tamar humbly accepts the award, saying all the girls are talented and it shouldn’t be a competition.

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