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Rocky Relationships

Season 2, Episode 12
Aired 2.2.12

Tamar and Vince get on each other’s nerves while in Chicago for a speaking gig; Towanda tells Andre he can’t live in her new house; and Trina and Gabe drift further apart due to his cheating. Show Full Recap

On their way to a speaking engagement in Chicago, Vince tells Tamar they’re moving in a month and she panics. Trina goes to a bar with her band, and after a few drinks, she thanks the band for being supportive of her singing because her sisters aren’t. Band member Christian invites Trina to a party. Meanwhile, Andre asks Towanda if they’re going to make love if he moves into her new house. She tells him to go to counseling and live with his grandmother instead. The next morning, Trina comes home and explains to Gabe that she got a hotel room instead of drinking and driving. He says she’s using the band to avoid their issues and he wants to go to therapy. Trina’s not sure that’ll help. At dinner in Chicago, Tamar gets irked when a waitress starts flirting with Vince. After Vince tells Tamar it’s normal for spouses to get on each other’s nerves, she thinks the waitress is hitting on Vince, and flips out. In Atlanta, Andre helps Towanda move into her new home. He asks if he can bring his stuff there and she reiterates that he should stay at his grandmother’s and go to therapy. Trina and Gabe go see Dr. Sherry. In an intense therapy session, Trina reveals she’s not wearing her ring, partially because Gabe’s been acting inappropriately on a social networking site. Trina says she’s done but Gabe doesn’t want to give up. Dr. Sherry suggests they keep working on their marriage. In Chicago, Tamar gets upset that the “big” relationship seminar she thought she would be speaking at is actually a small speed-dating event in a night club. She’s cheered up though when Vince tells the room how much he loves her. After therapy, Trina has Gabe move into the guest room. They argue more about his cheating. Meanwhile, Towanda shows her house to Evelyn, Traci and Tamar, who spots Andre’s stuff in the closet. She teases Towanda about living with Andre, before seeing her own stuff in the closet, and realizes Towanda hasn’t returned a lot of her clothes. Tamar takes her stuff back.

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