Sneak Peek

Sock It To ‘Em

Season 2, Episode 21
Aired 8.23.12

Trina calls a truce with Gabe for the kids and drops her band to focus on her solo career. Toni models for Autism cause at Fashion Week; Tamar and Vince meet potential surrogates to carry their baby. Show Full Recap

In LA, Trina tells Toni she’s thinking of dropping her band, and Toni is very pleased.  Toni’s also excited she’s doing a fashion shoot for Autism Speaks, a group she’s been involved with since her son Diezel was diagnosed with autism five years ago. Across town, Tamar and Towanda have lunch where they decide it’s best that Towanda not carry Tamar’s baby. Toni has a dress fitting with Project Runway alumni Michael Costello, who has designed a dress made entirely of socks.  Michael Braxton Sr. visits Tamar and pressures her to give him some grandchildren. Tamar says right now carrying a baby would interfere with her career. She shocks her father with news that she plans to interview surrogates. In New York City, Toni has a photo shoot with celebrity fashion photographer Nigel Barker in her sock dress, which will be auctioned off during NYC Fashion Week to raise money for autism.  The shoot starts out slow, but Toni kicks it into high gear and performs like a pro. In Atlanta, Trina meets with Gabe who’s been going to sex addiction therapy and asks if he can move back into the house, which Trina quickly rejects. Trina is still very hurt by his history of cheating. Toni attends the autism fundraising event in NYC where she sees how her photo shoot turned out and is elated with the results. Tamar and Vince interview several surrogates who are either too pretty or too crazy. Tamar realizes finding the perfect surrogate will be harder than she thought. Trina tells her band she’s dropping some bands members to concentrate on going solo. They are supportive except for Christian, who’s the man Trina cheated on Gabe with. Trina tells Gabe about dropping the band, and he’s relieved Christian is out of the picture but is still suspicious of him. Trina’s grateful Gabe still cares about her kids. Back in LA, the whole Braxton clan gathers for Toni’s son Denim’s graduation party. Everyone’s thrilled how much Toni’s son Diezel has progressed since he was first diagnosed with autism.

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