Sneak Peek

Stir Crazy

Season 2, Episode 14
Aired 2.16.12

Trina performs her original songs at a gig in New Orleans. In New York, Tamar is on the brink and stressing out while taking care of Vince. Evelyn reveals to Towanda that Doc proposed, and she said yes. Show Full Recap

Evelyn confides to Towanda that Doc proposed, and she said yes. Evelyn has no idea what kind of wedding she wants, but she assures Towanda that Doc’s a good guy. In New York, Vince is out of his coma but still in the hospital. Tamar tells her sisters she’s upset they weren’t there when he woke up. They defend themselves, saying they have their own lives and can’t always be around. Everyone leaves except Towanda, who’s worried about Tamar. As Trina packs for a wedding gig in New Orleans, she and Gabe get into an argument. He wants Trina to spend her birthday weekend with him and the kids – not in New Orleans with her band, where she will get drunk and party. Trina reminds Gabe they are separated, and he doesn’t get an opinion anymore. In NYC, Tamar tells Towanda she wants to go home, but Vince isn’t clear to fly. Tamar’s stressed out about Vince’s health, and tells Towanda they had to rent two apartments in NYC to store all the stuff she bought while indulging in some retail therapy. Towanda agrees to help Tamar sort her things. On the tour bus, Trina shares her anxieties about performing original songs to a live audience for the first time. Back in NY, Towanda is shocked by the mess at Tamar’s place and thinks maybe Tamar is close to going over the edge. At the gig, Trina has major stage fright. Her band reassures her, but she’s still a wreck. Trina’s songs are well received, but afterward, as the band parties, Trina is disappointed in her performance. Her band’s supportive, which Trina appreciates because she doesn’t get support from her sisters. In NYC, the doctor’s happy with Vince’s progress, although he has to wait two weeks to travel home to LA. The doctor also suggests that Tamar should talk to a therapist, because her irrational behavior might be a symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Evelyn tells her girls and Michael Jr. (via speakerphone) she’s marrying Doc, and they all congratulate her. Tamar sees a therapist about her PTSD and leaves feeling better.

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