Sneak Peek

The Graduate

Season 2, Episode 4
Aired 12.15.11

Trina graduates from college and gets a surprise. Gabe gets upset when Trina gets drunk and flirts with a band member at her graduation party. Tamar acts as Vince’s manager when he gets a TV offer. Show Full Recap

Tamar and Vince go to Chicago to meet with Tamayu, a Japanese producer, who wants to make a TV documentary about Vince. During the meeting, Tamar acts as Vince’s manager, or “wife-ager." Trina’s excited about her upcoming graduation from online college but disappointed because Evelyn’s the only family member who’ll be at her ceremony. Over dinner with Tamayu and friends, Tamar steers the conversation to Vince’s career, but he just wants to relax, making it a tense meal. Gabe calls Trina’s Dad to invite him to surprise Trina by showing up at her  graduation, but Dad is undecided. In L.A., Toni discusses firing Vince with Towanda. She hasn’t been happy, plus there’s a conflict of interest because Vince manages Tamar too. Before Trina’s ceremony, Gabe tells her not to get drunk, and she says she’ll just have a sip of champagne. Michael Braxton then shows up to surprise Trina, who cries with joy. Meanwhile, Vince surprises Tamar outside their hotel with a horse and carriage ride. Tamar’s dubious because she’s not into horses, but when she sees gift bags in the carriage, she’s on-board. At Trina’s party, she celebrates with numerous shots while Gabe judgmentally watches. Trina consequently gets drunk and flirts with Christian, her bass player, which infuriates Gabe. Gabe takes Trina outside and says he doesn’t believe she and Christian are just friends. Trina counters by telling Gabe she thinks he’s cheating. Meanwhile, in L.A., Toni breaks the news to Tamar that she’s going to fire Vince because she needs to do her own thing without having her sisters rely on her. Tamar defends herself, saying she made her own money as a singer. The argument escalates until Toni leaves. Traci reminds Tamar how close she and Toni used to be and Tamar cries, suggesting that Towanda’s gotten in the middle. Trina admits to Dr. Sherry that she cheated on Gabe.

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