Sneak Peek

Toni’s New Doo-Wop Chick

Season 2, Episode 5
Aired 12.8.11

Toni asks Traci to sing backup for an upcoming gig in Indiana and requests that Tamar teach her the choreography. Evelyn introduces her new man to Trina and Gabe while Towanda considers acting again. Show Full Recap

After hearing that Evelyn’s dating someone, Towanda and Trina put her on the hot seat till she agrees to double date with Trina and Gabe. In L.A. Toni asks Traci to sing backup for a gig but since it’s been years since Traci’s performed, Toni asks Tamar to teach Traci the choreography. Toni advises Tamar to be patient and Traci not to be sensitive. Over brunch with Doc, Gabe asks Evelyn if Towanda and Andre can move in with her next. Trina reprimands him for asking this in front of ‘the company,’ then she asks Doc what his intentions are -- and they sound serious. Later, Trina tells her sisters that she met Hill Harper, the actor, on a plane and had him call Towanda. They tease Towanda who admits she has a crush on Hill. They suggest she ask him to help with her acting career and Towanda says what she needs is an agent. The sisters ask Tamar whether she wants a baby and Tamar says she’s not ready to lug kids around. In the car, Toni talks to Towanda about agents, acting and road rage. Later, Evelyn shares with Toni that she’s thinking of moving closer to the city. Toni suggests she move in with Doc but Evelyn isn’t ready for that. At a dance rehearsal, Tamar, in Debbi Allen mode, critiques Traci, who is unprepared and defensive. Tamar, feeling disrespected, leaves. Trina and Tamar tell Toni about the rehearsal and Toni tells Tamar not to attack Traci, however Tamar feels she’s the one being attacked. Toni wisely concludes that Traci will figure things out for herself once she’s onstage. Over dinner, Evelyn informs her girls that she and Doc are on a break. They tease her about kissing and Evelyn suggests they all grow up. In Indiana, Toni gives Traci a pep talk and rehearses with her. Traci’s nervous because she’s been hounding Toni for an opportunity for years and doesn’t want to blow it. During the show Traci sneaks off when she doesn’t know a song and Toni calls her to come back. Traci does and nails it, proving to her sisters and herself that she’s still got it.

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