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We Got You

Season 2, Episode 19
Aired 3.22.12

The entire family, including Gabe, gathers for Trina’s solo show in Atlanta. Tamar and Vince are told to start fertility treatments to get pregnant, and the girls air their grievances on a talk show. Show Full Recap

Tamar and Vince see Dr. Jackie, Tamar’s OB/GYN. Since they haven’t used protection in three years and haven’t gotten pregnant, Dr. Jackie suggests they start fertility treatments. Tamar’s hesitant because she thinks it will make her fat.  The sisters gather in LA, where Towanda shares that they’re going to be on “Dr. Phil”. Trina invites everyone to her debut concert in Atlanta. The girls say it’s short notice but they’ll try to go, and Evelyn assures Trina she’ll be there. While shopping, Towanda tells Tamar she’d carry her baby, and the sisters all agree that being a parent will teach Tamar patience. But when Tamar leaves them at the store, Traci doesn’t think Tamar’s ready for a kid. When the girls arrive for the talk show taping, they’re given questionnaires that ask which sister each of them has the most conflict with and what they’d like that sister to stop and start doing. On the show, we hear their answers. Afterwards, they head to a restaurant where Toni continues to put down Trina’s band. Tamar says Trina deserves better than her band, and Trina reminds everyone that no one but Towanda came to her graduation and that they never support her. A fight ensues, but Evelyn puts an end to it by saying they should all be there for each others’ accomplishments. After Trina flies to Atlanta to rehearse, the others meet and agree to attend Trina’s show. Toni then drops a bomb: she’s going to get new background singers. The girls are shattered but Tamar surprisingly volunteers to help audition singers. In Atlanta before her show, Trina’s surprised when her entire family shows up. She’s nervous but goes onstage, kills it, and is energized. After the show, Trina sees Gabe backstage and doesn’t feel anything, which tells her everything. The next day at lunch, Trina reveals she is filing for divorce. Tamar does a celebratory dance but Trina’s not ready to joke about it. To lighten the mood, the girls sing a fun song about pregnancy to Tamar.

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