Sneak Peek

Wedding Daze

Season 2, Episode 17
Aired 3.8.12

A stressed Evelyn makes the girls question if she’s ready to wed, as planning continues for her wedding. Traci asks Michael Sr. to invest in her salon and Vince and Tamar finally return home. Show Full Recap

With Evelyn’s big day just weeks away, Toni meets with an anxious Mommy to discuss wedding details. Meanwhile, Towanda, Trina and Traci decide to sing at the ceremony. Traci tells her sisters she has to leave to meet with an investor for her salon. Meanwhile, Tamar, Vince and their new puppy, Miracle, return to LA, thrilled to be home. Vince tells his driver, George, how grateful he is that Tamar was by his side and is so happy to have Miracle now too. In Maryland, Traci has lunch with her potential investor… Daddy. He says that before investing, he needs to see the space. They go to see the space with Traci’s broker, but when Michael asks questions, Traci doesn’t have answers. Over lunch, he says he’s not ready to give financial support to Traci for her salon but is there for her emotionally. In LA, Tamar and Vince have opposing dog training philosophies for Miracle. Back in Atlanta, the girls go dress shopping with Evelyn, who puts on a mini-dress and goofs off, making the girls wonder if she really wants to get married. After asking her about it, Evelyn admits she’s concerned about the wedding particulars. The girls get defensive, telling mommy she’s not giving them any idea about what she wants. Later, the girls tell Tamar about their plan to sing at the wedding. Tamar’s dubious, due to past conflicts, but they all agree to put their egos aside. Over dinner, Evelyn shares her wedding stress with Doc, before learning that he hasn’t even picked his groomsmen or best man, and has the wrong tux color. She suggests eloping but Doc says no, assuring her everything will be okay. But she’s not convinced. The girls joke around while rehearsing, then start harmonizing and are delighted with the outcome. Evelyn meets with various planners to discuss more wedding details, but she’s still indecisive. Evelyn reveals to Towanda at lunch that she’s changed her mind about getting married. Towanda is concerned how Doc will handle the news.

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