A Very Public Affair

Season 3, Episode 14
Aired 11.14.13

Traci and Trina face questions about their marriages at the Essence Festival. Toni works on her single with Babyface. Tamar promotes her new album. Show Full Recap

Traci and Trina meet up in Atlanta before heading to The Essence Festival in New Orleans, where they discuss topics like relationships and weight. Meanwhile, Toni and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds spend time in the studio writing new music together. In New Orleans, Traci and Trina are the only sisters representing the Braxtons at The Essence Festival and are visibly nervous about discussing their personal lives during the interview. Inevitably, both women end up discussing their recent marriage issues during the Q&A. In Atlanta, Tamar is promoting her new hit album and working on an upcoming Christmas CD. Back in NoLa, Traci and Trina have a girls’ night out where they meet a cute young man named Rodney. Afterward, Traci returns to Atlanta to discuss Kevin’s alleged infidelity (and its impact on Kevin Jr.) with Evelyn and Towanda. Later, Trina has an emotional meeting with Gabe to discuss their impending divorce.

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