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Back To Braxton Business

Season 3, Episode 16
Aired 11.28.13

Toni is under pressure as she preps for her first tour in five years. Tamar rehearses while sick for her album tour. Traci gets her own radio show. Show Full Recap

Trina and Towanda are packing to leave for tour with Toni, who informs Trina that she will have the opportunity to perform during each show. Trina worries that Toni will go back on her word, because she seems to often favor Tamar and her projects. Meanwhile, Traci meets with radio producers in Washington, D.C. about her upcoming radio show with Blis.FM. Before heading to Los Angeles to meet with Toni, Trina and Towanda have last-minute rehearsals in Atlanta. Needless to say, the sisters have a tough time seeing eye-to-eye on dance moves. In LA, Toni discovers that Traci won’t be joining the ladies on tour, so Towanda and Toni agree to be Trina’s backup dancers during her performance. Toni has a tough time picking up the moves, so Trina changes her mind and crosses her fingers that Traci pulls through. Back in Washington, D.C., Traci gears up for the live streaming of her debut radio show. Her nerves are running full force, but she chills out a bit when Tamar calls in to the show. Then Toni calls in, too. Trina, Towanda and Evelyn join Traci for the radio podcast, during which childhood friend Shanice shows up. So much support for Traci! In LA, Tamar is keeping busy at her own rehearsals, and Traci, Trina and Evelyn arrive to support their sister while Tamar rehearses “Hot Sugar.” Nobody seems to know where Towanda is, and Tamar is visibly upset over the no-show.

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