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Birthday Bare-All

Season 3, Episode 19
Aired 12.19.13

Toni and Babyface rehearse for their tour. Towanda poses nude, fires Trina and throws her mega 40th birthday bash. Tamar and Towanda’s tension finally explodes. Show Full Recap

To coincide with her School Daze birthday party theme, Towanda enlists the help of several high school students (and their marching band!) to make her bash truly unforgettable. She runs into an issue when told the marching band needs a city permit to perform in the street, so she calls in a quick favor from Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed. Later, Trina and Tamar meet with the party planner, Ashley, about the booze situation, and Trina has second thoughts about launching her new Bar Chix venture at the party. Luckily, Towanda comes to the same realization, and the two sisters breathe a sigh of relief, agreeing on the fact that Trina needs to set up her own individual launch for Bar Chix. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Toni rehearses with Babyface for their upcoming tour together and the two discuss the merits of having the other four Braxton sisters sing back-up vocals. In preparation for turning 40 and fabulous, Towanda participates in an empowering photo shoot where she winds up posing nude for the photographer. Tay Tay is so caught up in party preparations that she skips out on rehearsal with the sisters. This does not make Tamar happy, who feels unprepared and leaves early to catch a flight. The night of the big bash kicks off without a hitch, as the marching band dramatically introduces the party’s guest of honor, Towanda. The entire Braxton family is in attendance and everyone’s having a good time, although Toni and Tamar leave the party early, thereby canceling the sister performance. No matter, as birthday girl Towanda has a blast reliving her school days. Three weeks later in Los Angeles, the sisters unite to discuss the growing tension between Tamar and Towanda. A shouting match ensues, and Tamar claims that Towanda has become a mean, hateful person.

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