Sneak Peek


Season 3, Episode 18
Aired 12.12.13

Sisters return home from Toni’s tour. Towanda preps for 40th birthday party and clashes with Tamar. Trina works with Gabe on new business, Bar Chix. Show Full Recap

A grateful Towanda returns home to Atlanta from being on tour with Toni and her sisters. Back in Los Angeles, Toni and Traci brainstorm gift ideas for Towanda’s upcoming 40th birthday. While cooking crabs at Trina’s house, Towanda reveals that she’s splurging on a huge birthday party for herself with a theme inspired by the cult classic film, School Daze. Later, Trina thanks her soon-to-be ex-husband, Gabe, for watching the boys while she was on tour with Toni. The two then get into a heated discussion about Trina’s new business venture, Bar Chix, and its debut at Towanda’s party. Gabe admits that he doesn’t want to continue working with Trina if he’s not going to get paid… and sexual favors don’t count. During a meeting to finalize plans for her party, Towanda has a minor freak out — somehow, the party budget has more than doubled in cost. Tamar flies into Atlanta to help with the party planning, and tensions mount between her and Towanda. Later, over drinks with Towanda and Traci, Trina breaches the topic of a bar budget that Towanda wasn’t prepared to pay. This has Towanda questioning the Bar Chix’s involvement in her birthday bash. Trina and Tamar arrive to rehearsal for Towanda’s big birthday performance, yet Tay-Tay is running late. When Towanda arrives, an argument ensues between her and Tamar, and the sisters are left wondering if they can even pull off a performance in time for the party.

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