Sneak Peek

Chix In A Row

Season 3, Episode 22
Aired 1.23.14

Toni sings at Breeders’ Cup; starts biography. Tamar invites sisters to join her on tour. Trina’s Bar Chix launch party. Traci records for her album. Show Full Recap

Trina is excited to launch her new business but Gabe desperately wants to be involved. He names himself Creative Director and offers tons of unsolicited advice against Trina's wishes.  She would definitely kick him to the curb --- except he invested in the business. Guess his financial contribution comes at a price.   Meanwhile, Tamar is hard at work trying to reconnect with her sisters. She invites Towanda, Traci and Trina on tour with her, and announces that that she's adopted a shade-free lifestyle. But her sisters are skeptical that she'll live up to her promise to ditch the drama. To be fair, she has learned to bite her tongue in sticky situations but that's not enough to get the ladies to join her on tour.    While Tamar performs around the country, Toni is busy writing her autobiography. Chronicling her life seems like all fun and games until her co-writer tells her she needs to be honest and raw for the book to do well. Does that mean Toni should open up about bankruptcy? A chapter or two about her money woes may be way more than she bargained for.    Traci is determined to launch a solo career, and she definitely has the chops for it. But her nerves about singing without her sisters threaten her performance. If she can't learn how to thrive under pressure and deliver in the studio, Traci will end up walking away from a lifelong dream.    Gabe's annoying demands aside, Trina's event goes off without a hitch. Everyone in the room is impressed with her event-planning skills, and it's easy to see there's more success in the cards for her. Gabe hopes he can insert himself into Trina's future plans but she's keeping things strictly business for now.    Tamar finally gets her wish: her sister comes out to support her! But she still feels down about juggling motherhood, wifely duties and the career she's always wanted. While having cocktails, her friends and family offer support, reminding her to take it one day at a time. Being superwoman does have its challenges but if anyone can have it all, Tamar can.

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