Sneak Peek

I Don’t Have No Baby

Season 3, Episode 15
Aired 11.21.13

Traci questions husband about illegitimate son and confronts sisters about gossiping. Toni and Tamar prepare for tours. Tamar’s big apology. Show Full Recap

Traci meets with Kevin to discuss his supposed illegitimate love child, and Kev swears up and down that he has no idea what the accuser is talking about. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Toni visits Project Runway’s Michael Costello about making stylish, yet functional, outfits to wear while on tour. Tamar is also prepping for her own world tour with John Legend. Back in Atlanta, Trina and Towanda engage in a little retail therapy before their trip to Los Angeles to see the family. Trina admits that her son Eric isn’t exactly keen on college and wants to go into the military; Towanda assures Trina that it’s not such a bad idea. The sisters (minus Tamar) and Evelyn meet up in LA, and Traci confronts the girls about going behind her back to discuss the rumors surrounding Kevin’s possible affair. Resentments are mended, and the ladies unite to support Traci. Afterward, Toni visits Michael Costello’s studio to try on tour outfits where Toni admits that she doesn’t want her booty hangin’ out. Towanda and Andre take their son Braxton to try on football uniforms, and Towanda has second thoughts about the whole thing. Trina meets with her production team about getting back in the studio to record, and later, Traci and Tamar meet over cocktails for a heart-to-heart. Traci admits that her feelings were hurt when Tamar called Kevin a bum last season, and Tamar (wait for it) actually apologizes! Such a beautiful moment between the sisters.

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