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It’s All Good!

Season 3, Episode 26

Tamar attends the Grammy Awards with three nominations. Vince throws an after-party using Trina’s Bar Chix service. Evelyn and Towanda discuss issues with Tamar. Vince has a birthday bash and there's a surprise christening. Show Full Recap

Evelyn Braxton tries to intervene in Tamar and Towanda’s spat by meeting with Towanda. Towanda isn't happy that her Mom is getting in the middle of the drama. She immediately feels cornered, and wonders if her mother is taking sides. After their sit-down, it's clear that Towanda's issues with Tamar aren't any closer to being resolved.  Tamar Braxton wants to wear her hair in a new style for the Grammys, but she only has 30 minutes to get ready for the red carpet. At the last minute, she decides to wear her hair short but she has reservations. In the end, her hair comes out great but she's still anxious about her big night. Meanwhile, Trina is planning a Grammys afterparty with her company, Bar Chicks, and sends her employees to Los Angeles on a bus for the festivities. When Trina reaches the bus, she gets complaints that her employees have been smoking onboard, which is against the rules. She has a meeting with them and learns they're disgruntled about their lodging in a motel with brown water. She apologizes to them, and confronts her assistant about their accomodations.  At the Grammys, Tamar doesn’t win in any of the categories she was nominated for. She’s disappointed and doesn’t want to get out of bed to come to the Grammys afterparty. Toni visits her, offer support and convinces her to attend. When they arrive to the event, Towanda comforts Tamar on the red carpet. The other sisters are happy to see Towanda put the drama aside to support her baby sister. Later, Tamar throws a birthday party for Vince and decides to have Logan’s christening at the same time. Tamar's parents, Evelyn and Michael Braxton, try to outdo each other while presiding over the ceremony. Still, Evelyn gets emotional and nostalgic remembering old times when they would officiate weddings and baptisms as a couple. After the christening, the sisters have a great time at the party and seem to be getting along better than ever. Toni Braxton wonders if that dynamic will change when they start to produce the gospel album. She anticipates drama over production and schedule, and wishes she made an addendum to the contract they signed about recording gospel music together. 

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