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Shade Anonymous

Season 3, Episode 23

Trina joins Tamar on the road, but Tamar’s upset the other sisters aren’t there, and misses Vince who’s away visiting doctors. Toni & Babyface speak about their careers. Traci and Toni get pulled over by the cops. Show Full Recap

Toni struggles with her decision to air her family's dirty laundry in her new autobiography. In a meeting with her co-author, Toni reveals that her mother treated her like Joe Jackson when musically training her as a child. She says she was physically disciplined when she was off key and wasn't able to play outside with other children because she had to practice. She does credit her strict upbringing with her success as a recording artist. Still, she's worried about how Mama Evelyn, and her sisters, will react if she opens up about her experience as a child in her book.   Meanwhile, Tamar is still deeply hurt over what she perceives to be a lack of support from her sisters. At a restaurant with Trina, she reveals that Towanda hasn't hugged her in two years and only a few of her sisters showed up or even called when she was in the hospital giving birth to Logan. Trina believes that Tamar and Towanda have to hash out their differences in order to mend their relationship.   Traci is eager to share her new music with sister, Toni. After hearing it in the car, Toni approves, saying the song shows Traci's vocal range as an artist. Toni suggests that Traci share her new song with Tamar and points out that Tamar and Traci sound similar on Traci's record. Traci doesn't seem thrilled about the comparison. Toni also recommends that Traci should start working out so she can "look the part" as she launches a solo career in music.   Still on tour, Tamar is grappling with vocal issues, her husband's health and a less-than-professional entourage. With her sister, Trina, by her side, she works with a vocal coach and uses her nebulizer to strengthen her throat and open her lungs for the night's show but she's still nervous about how she'll perform. The show goes off without a hitch, proving that Tamar has what it takes to thrive under pressure.   Trina visits Toni and Towanda after leaving Tamar's tour. Towanda reveals that she didn't visit her sister while on tour because Tamar never called her with the exact tour dates. Toni thinks Towanda should join Tamar's tour as a back-up singer and Towanda is visibly displeased with the idea. The three sisters laugh at Tamar's joke that she joined a shade-free anonymous program. Towanda clearly isn't convinced Tamar is leaving her dramatic ways behind. 

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