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They Threw A Shoe At You?!?

Season 3, Episode 21
Aired 1.16.14

Tamar hosts Toni's birthday, while Evelyn battles a stalker. Toni pushes the sisters too far in a ballroom dance class.  Show Full Recap

It’s arts and crafts day at the Braxton homestead, and Towanda, Traci and Trina are using Vince’s classic white t’s as smocks to paint some old dining room chairs. However, Mama E has more pressing matters to discuss because she has acquired a stalker. The girls are concerned to say the least, especially since this wacko had the key to Mama E’s house AND the garage door opener. A police report and restraining order can’t even stop this man! So what’s a Braxton to do? Joke about it obviously; laughter is the best medicine!  Since the sisters are all on a mission to get in shape and lose some weight, Traci encourages them to try cycling and the group head down to get some bikes.  Later, Tamar has transformed her house into an elegant restaurant for Toni’s birthday, but seems a bit peeved by the menu selection. As the six Braxton women sit down to celebrate Toni’s big day, they decide to take a girls trip again and it’s Trina’s year to plan it.  Traci, Trina and Towanda take Miss E to a self-defense class with Sergeant Tichaya where he gives Evelyn the scoop on the best way to take a man down. Proving a quick study, Mama E starts in on Sergeant Tichaya and takes things a little too far!  Back in Atlanta, Trina needs to tell Mommy that Eric has chosen to leave college and enter the military. Trina wishes she wasn’t on the road so much when Eric was growing up, and holds herself responsible for this choice Eric is making. To make Trina feel a bit better, Towanda decides to take her to a sex shop. All that shopping may be just the thing Trina needs to jumpstart her new dating life!

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