Sneak Peek

Tour De Divas

Season 3, Episode 17
Aired 12.5.13

Toni fights nerves to make a triumphant return to the stage. Trina struggles with her performance in Toni’s show. Tamar shoots a lavish music video. Show Full Recap

Toni is visibly anxious during the final rehearsal before going on tour, nitpicking Trina and Towanda’s choreography (and booties). Meanwhile, Tamar is getting styled for her “All The Way Home” music video. Later, when Toni and her sisters arrive to their tour stop in Atlantic City, Trina, Towanda and Traci join their dad for a little pre-show gambling. Towanda wins big at roulette, leaving Traci and Trina just a teensy bit bitter. During sound check, the sisters notice Toni’s ex-husband (and show producer) sitting in the keyboardist’s chair. Um… when did Keri join the band? Twenty minutes before show time, Toni admits that she’s thrilled to have her dad in the audience, as she wants to make her pop proud. On stage, Toni is completely in her element, killing song after song. Trina, on the other hand, sang her single for the crowd and doesn’t feel good about her performance at all. Toni debates removing Trina’s track from the show altogether. Back in Los Angeles, Tamar and Vince bicker on the set of her video shoot; it works well because the video focuses on a fighting couple. And in Miami, a few dates into her tour, Toni has a chat with her sisters about their lack of reaction during her “wardrobe malfunction” in New Jersey. During the Miami show, Trina redeems her Atlantic City solo gig with a fierce performance, making Toni proud. Afterwards, over dinner, Toni reveals her excitement about getting back in the dating market, and the girls discuss their seemingly absent workaholic sister, Tamar.

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