Sneak Peek

#Wack #Family

Season 3, Episode 20
Aired 1.9.14

After months of tension, Tamar and Towanda go head-to-head while Toni tries to mediate. Toni and Babyface shoot “Hurt You” video. Tamar performs on Arsenio. Show Full Recap

Tamar and Towanda continue to battle it out over who said what on Instagram and Twitter, and what wasn’t said via text. (Guess talking isn’t an option?) The two argue over who is dubbed “the meaner sister,” with Tamar semi-sincerely apologizing, which is greeted with silence from Towanda. Trina, Traci and Towanda later work off stress from the argument during a hike through the Hollywood hills, where they discuss the closeness (or lack thereof) of their sisterhood. The next day, Traci and Towanda gather at Toni’s house for tea before she shoots the “Hurt You” music video with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. Traci announces her excitement over doing a promo appearance in Compton, while Toni stresses the importance of needing a day off with no distractions other than champagne and Gone With The Wind. Later, at the shoot, Toni walks viewers through the concept of the emotional “Hurt You” music video (directed by Ray Kay), and she painfully breaks a nail while trying to demolish a “paper-thin” wall for the video. Injuries aside, the clip is a success. On the way to her meet and greet in Compton, Traci admits to Towanda that she had a few drinks beforehand to calm her nerves. Nonetheless, the promo appearance goes off without a hitch, and a confident Traci makes a few new fans (aka Trabirds!) Later, all five sisters meet for lunch in the hopes of hashing out the Towanda/Tamar drama once and for all. Tamar has just a few minutes to talk over her sisters before jetting off to a performance on The Arsenio Hall Show, leaving the sisters questioning the “spoiled monster” they’ve created. While performing for Arsenio, Tamar forgets about her problems with her sisters, if only for a moment, while she lives out her dream.

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